Ultrasky Flat Skylight – 600×600

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight provides an element of style to extension and orangery roofs and floods natural light into the room below. Its’ distinctive sleek, frameless, edge to edge glass give a stunning contemporary look. Choose your rooflight in one of our fantastic standard colours: Black, Grey and White. Or add that extra touch of style by customising your skylight in any RAL colour.

See the “Additional Information” tab for more sizes and colours available.

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The Ultrasky Flat Roof Skylight sits flush with the internal plasterboard, which looks frameless from the inside creating an unrivalled look for your rooflight. The fully insulated frame with “Warm Frame Technology” combined with noise reducing glass means unbeatable noise reduction and thermal efficiency.


  • Edge to edge glass for a contemporary look
  • Fineline plasterboard trim for a neat finish
  • Fully insulated frame
  • Overall U-value of 1.2
  • Noise reducing glass with up to 34 dB of reduction
  • Click fit clips for ease of installation

Additional Information

Colour: Black, Grey, White

Stock Sizes:- 600mm x 600mm, 1000mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x1500mm, 1000mm x 2000mm, 1200mm x 1200mm

Popular Sizes:- 700mm x 700mm, 800mm x 800mm, 900mm x 900mm, 1100mm x 1100mm, 1300mm x 1300mm, 1400mm x 1400mm, 600mm x 1000mm, 600mm x 1500mm, 600mm x2000mm, 600mm x 2500mm, 700mm x 1000mm, 700mm x 1500mm, 700mm x 2000mm, 700mm x 2500mm, 800mm x 1200mm, 800mm x 1500mm, 800mm x 2000mm, 800mm x 2500mm, 900mm x 1200mm, 900mm x 1500mm, 900mm x 2000mm, 900mm x 2500mm, 1000mm x 2500mm, 1100mm x 1500mm, 1100mm x 2000mm, 1100mm x 2500mm, 1200mm x 2000mm, 1200mm x 2500mm, 1300mm x 1500mm, 1300mm x 2200mm, 1400mm x 2000mm.


Ultrasky technical Overview

Edge to Edge Glazing

For maximum sightlines and the feel of an open roof

Product Specification


The Ultrasky Flat Skylight is designed around maximum uninterrupted sight lines and is available in a number of square or rectangular sizes ranging from 600mm x 600mm and going up to 2500mm in length (dependent on dimensions, see price list).

Colour Options

Externally available in Black RAL 9005 at 60% gloss, White RAL 9003 at 80% gloss and Grey RAL 7016 at 30% gloss for a great look on any build. Bespoke colours available on request.


The highly thermally efficient glazing will help reduce heat loss and noise pollution, whilst letting the maximum amount of light enter your room. Glass outer layer – 6mm Toughened Opti Neutral / 16mm Argon filled cavity with warm edge spacer. Glass inner layer – 4mm or 6mm (size of skylight dependent) high performance low E toughened Glass U-value 1.0 Glass G-value 0.5 Noise reducing capabilities up to 34db


The optional kerb is factory assembled and delivered in one piece to minimise time on site. The kerb has a chambered construction for superior thermal performance and rigidity and contains self aligning internal reinforcement to attach the at skylight for a faster fit. The kerb is welded to be watertight so you can fit the skylight and waterproof the roof at a later date. It’s optimal 4 degree pitch has been set for: • Compliance with Building Regulations • Prevention of puddles forming, which can stain or mark the glazing • Ensuring maximum ‘flex’, or weight-bearing capability, is accounted for